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    ruth e. carter x h&m     

Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter partnered with H&M, for a limited edition collection. Known for her iconic work in Hollywood films such as Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X, Amistad, Selma, Black Panther, and Dolemite Is My Name, the collection echoes Ruth’s voice for community connectivity, self-confidence, and pride. 


To celebrate and launch the triumph, A “Ruthless” Block Party became the hotspot to experience not only The Ruth Carter x H&M collection but also journey through the art of past the award-winning costumes -- also designed by Ruth. Featured sets, paying homage to her most influential and defining movies, seamlessly blended together to allow guests to experience her craft and genius in a tangible and educational way.


Discovering channels to fuse the contrasting sets, time periods, and characters, became an exercise in finding their sweet points of commonality. Ensuring each received the respect and distinction they rightfully deserve, each detail, color story, and sequence became vital to harmonize. The exhibit, turned “launch party”, turned “block party” strings together a collective narrative of living in your truth and being empowered to share your story.

Client: H&M

Role: Lead Experiential Designer, Fabrication Management, On-site Install Direction

Agency: Beyond 8

Photos By: Noemie Marguerite


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