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    super mario bros. film premiere    

To celebrate the reimagined Super Mario Bros. - Universal Pictures aimed for an IP-informed wonderland as their premiere environment. Tasked with finding our equilibrium, the party and red carpet experiences had to sing with the familiar game (+ now film) fundamentals; in a finally walkable articulation. 

Engagements included Princess Peach’s Castle dessert station, a Fire Flower infinity room, a Bowser themed dj booth dripping with project mapped flames, and fully functional Kingdom ATM machines that dispensed power-up themed cupcakes.

Client: Universal Pictures

Partners: Nintendo, Illumination Entertainment 

Role: Creative Director

Agency: NVE 

Photos By: Justin Montano

Fabrication: Event Pop

Decor: Enso Creative

Greenery: Jackson Shrubbery

It became a brush stroke journey,
unearthing the delicate
touch between
iconism and abstraction. 
(equal parts mimic, honor, & exaggerate)

5T9A3383 (1).jpg
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