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Set Designer, Jocelyn Joy, thinks dimensionally at every scale – illustrating and installing immersive experiences spanning the spectrum of entertainment marketing, fashion, and retail. From world-building of big brush concepts – down to detailing construction documentation – she directs the environmental ‘north stars’ that inform sets across exclusive retail pop-ups, large-scale stadium builds, festivals, red carpets events, and convention center stages. 


With a knack for translating a dream into a walkable experience for the dreamer, her 'rendering to reality' approach works to convey worlds that were once hoped.


‘Joy’ (by her family) roots her creative visions in the demonstration of how multi-sensory decisions can conjure unity and self empowerment; or higher than that - a tangible sense

of freedom.


Fueled by probing emotional choreography; she consistently aims to lift the room's occupants.


Jocelyn Joy serves as the bilingual channel, speaking dialects of brand and construction, designing hand and hand with fabricators to execute spaces where the guest is free to learn, relax into themselves, and fellowship without care.      


Recently awarded the 2023 Clio Awards; her latest collaborations have been dreamt up with clients from the likes of Pyer Moss, Beyoncé's Ivy Park, Pharrell Williams' Mighty Dream, Disney, Illumination Entertainment, and more. 


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