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For Season 3 of HBO’s hit comedy series, Insecure, the goal was to go (much) bigger, (possibly) better, and a whole lot bolder! The network would hold a premiere festival full of carnival games, attractions, and performances to match the energy of its amazing cast and growing storyline. Now with a loyal audience, Issa Rae and cast intro’d the first episode to a sea of LA talent and party-goers whose laughter literally shook the stands.


The self inflicted charge to go bolder, sparked an exploration of adventure inside an adult playground.(Pause...truth moment - sitting in the bleachers digesting the shared sense of joy and unapologetic celebration in the air was personally one of my proudest and fullest event moments to date). 


Leveraging the slant from the show’s hero logo, the geometry harkened back to the main character’s daily struggle of appearing slightly awkward yet strong. This became the basis of the visual identity - from digital invites, scoreboards, stadium monitors, and custom fabrication. Dramatically playing with scale and vibrancy, the build aimed to exaggerate size inspiring larger than life photo moments that were fun and still fly. Complete with a cotton candy colored bouncy house and fiberglass fun slide, #InsecureFest brought a light to LAFC that no attendee would soon forget. 

Client: HBO 
Role: Lead Experiential Designer, Video Projection Art Direction, Graphic Suite Direction, Fabrication Management, On-site Install Direction

Agency: Team Epiphany

Photos by: Dorothy Hong

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merch kiosk



slide + carnival games

general screening + 

performance seating

VIP seating

swings + 

field activities

f+b stands

dj booth

screening monitor

hover for specs

entry ribbon tunnel

way-finding drums

upper level

press moment +  

step and repeat 

stadium facility  entry

north west


north east


upper level promenade entry

stadium stairs

40' x 10' performance stage + monitor world 

show signage

picnic tables

color ways