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    native son @ guggenheim    

In celebration of the film “Native Son,” a modern adaption of the critically acclaimed book originally written by Richard Wright, HBO held the one-night-only premiere within the Guggenheim Rotunda and Underground Theater. The night built excitement for the release of the new film via an exclusive screening and panel discussion.


A custom curved wall created niches along the perimeter of the rounded space to ignite meaningful and more intimate conversations between party goers; in reflection of film's themes - fate, fear, and flight. Each wall segment designed to resonated with symbols and textures harkening back to the film’s leather wardrobe, wooden set environments, and patterned teal hues.


With full cast in attendance, the night celebrated African-American literature and its monumental role in ensuring our stories are heard and understood as a creative expression of our realities.

Client: HBO

Role: Lead Experiential Designer, Fabrication Management

Agency: Team Epiphany

Photos by: Dorothy Hong

curved back

lit cityscape

carnival games



thematic film quote

midnight gloss


custom painted carpet texture

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