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    proud family, louder and prouder    

Hybrid Global Fan & VIP Premiere at XR Studios

Reimagining The Proud Family as “Louder and Prouder” after 15 years, Penny and crew were finally coming back with a new series for audiences to love all over again! During worldwide health concerns, the virtual premiere leveraged a strong visual through-line that tied each broadcasted element together. When coupled with the online audience participation of interactive gaming and trivia, the hybrid experience was strategically executed to center each individual moment where it all goes down – middle school. Across mediums, tiers ran parallel to aiming to fully engage guests and the beloved cast.

A growing story. Each tier a new but same language.

An animation with IRL tangibility.

Client: Disney+, Disney Channel

Role: Creative Direction and Storyteller – Set Design, XR Stage Creative Direction, Script Writer, Virtual Gaming Direction, Cast Watch Party Oversight

Agency: Little Cinema Media

Photos By: Yannick Delva

Technical Director: Andrew Schmedake

Director, Choreographer: Jemel McWilliams

Creative: Claire Roudabush

Art Director & Production Designer: Charles Tylinski

XR Media Artist : Bruno Ribeiro

Animation Director: Josh Slaby

Graphic Design: Marion Bizet and Rain Saukas

Talent Producer: Katie Morabito


  • Theme Song Vocalist: Joyce Wrice

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