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Reebok reintroduced The Club C during their Spring 2019 “Sport the Unexpected” Campaign. Three creatives, Uzumaki Cepeda, Jimmy Gorecki, and Brian Blakely championed the iconic shoe by remixing it and adding doses of their very own distinct aesthetic sensibilities of today’s streetwear.


Looking out onto the city from the penthouse of New York's New Museum, The "Sport the Unexpected” Gallery celebrated the brand collaborations as a custom fixture display; for guests to learn more about the Club C’s history and strike a pose with the timeless pieces.


Accessible from 360 degrees, seemingly floating domes showcased archival shoe selections from 1985 through 2017. Breaking the routine of the typical gridded shoe wall, the Gallery brings the Club C to a center (and multi-tiered) stage. Wheat pasted imagery featuring each creator were plastered on the sculpture's steps as well as throughout the venue for continued engagement.

Client: Rebook

Role: Lead Experiential Designer, Fabrication Management, On-site Install Direction

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