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    mancave @ all star    

During the 2018 All Star Weekend, BET hosted an unfiltered look into what men really talk about; in celebration of the new television series “Man Cave.” Discussions, led by Kenny Burns and Jeff Johnson, covered topics of fatherhood, finance, and style.


The environment transformed the blank TV set canvas of Goya Studios into an tru-ish to life cave for the modern day man; complete with jagged wall textures surrounding tufted mid-century furniture pieces, stalagmite formations flanking billards, and a blue lagoon oasis for MENicures. 

Client: BET

Role: Lead Experiential Designer, On-site Install Direction

Agency: Team Epiphany

Photos by: Miguel Angulo


(from concept to full execution in one week)




press step & repeat 


babe shop cuts

f + b

business icon: landmarking public strides + private affairs timeline

dart games

panel discussion

dj booth

press room

step & repeat wall 

library study

photo booth experience


hover for specs

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